A week of activities and debates on open science during the Atlantic Forest Festival in Ubatuba.

Tropixel Open Science is a programme developed by the Tropixel network and Ciência Aberta Ubatuba to be presented during the Atlantic Forest Festival in the beginning of June 2015 in Ubatuba. It will consist of workshops, debates and a temporary laboratory focussing on themes such as access to scientific data, the relationship between science and development, collaborative network tools and open scientific equipment.

1. Workshop - Open Scientific Hardware

June 1st and 2nd, from 13h30 to 17h30. Technical School Centro Paula Souza (Castro Alves 392, Itaguá). Register here (pt-br only).

Workshop to build equipment for environmental monitoring based on free/open source software, open hardware and low cost electronic components.

  • With Ricardo Guima-San and Gina Leite (Gypsyware/Memelab).

The workshop is free and available to students, teachers and researchers interested in technology, science, free/open source software and environment.

2. Panel - Open Science

June 3rd, from 13h30 to 18h. Auditorium at Aquário de Ubatuba (Guarani 859, Itaguá). Register here (pt-br only).

Debates and presentations on Open and Collaborative Science, exploring its implications and potential for the local context of Ubatuba and surrounding region.

13h30 - Introduction

  • Felipe Fonseca (Ciência Aberta Ubatuba);
  • Leslie Chan (OCSDNet), participating remotely.

14h to 15h45 - Territories and knowledge. Chair: Sarita Albagli.

  • Diogo Soares (Observatório Litoral Sustentável - Sustainable Litoral Observatory);
  • Maira Begalli (UFABC);
  • Representatives of FCT (Traditional Communities' Forum);
  • Álvaro Fazenda (Forest Watchers / UNIFESP SJC);
  • Lica Simões (Redelitoral / ITA).

15h45 - Coffee Break

16h15 a 18h - Open borders. Chair: Henrique Parra.

  • Cândido Moura - (Ubatubasat / Tancredo Neves Technical School);
  • Rachel Jacobs - (Active Ingredient);
  • Jorge Machado - (EACH USP);
  • Juliana Bussolotti (Cunhambebe Association);
  • Lula Fleischman (Tropixel Network).

3. #mozsprint Lab: Mozilla Science Global Sprint

June 4th and 5th, from 10h to 17h. Jardim Cultural (Guarani 345, Itaguá). Register here.

Two days of open labs, developing projects and prototypes related to open and collaborative science. The labs are part of the Mozilla Science Global Sprint, an event taking place simultaneously in various places around the world. The activities will be developed along some axes:

  • Hackathon - scientific data on Ubatuba;
  • Performing data hackday + Infoamazonia network of sensors;
  • Workshops of collaborative technologies for scientific projects;
  • Incubator of open scientific projects;
  • Open Science Guide booksprint.

The lab will work on an ongoing basis, with a team of experts working on the different axes, presenting quick demos and on-the-fly workshops. Each axis will have a team of two or three people renowned in their fields of work. Some of the participants are:

  • Alexandre Abdo;
  • Capi Etheriel;
  • Felipe Fonseca;
  • Gina Leite;
  • Henrique Parra;
  • Leandro Ramalho;
  • Luciana Fleischman;
  • Rachel Jacobs;
  • Ricardo Guima-San;
  • Yasodara Córdova.

Participation on #mozsprint Lab is free of charge and open to anyone intersted. Register here.